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All of our homes have custom-made cabinets & trim in them. What other builders call upgrades are standard construction at JJ Merkel!


Homes by JJ Merkel

Gratz Home Remodeling

A gorgeous remodeling project, in which we added a garage stall, a fifth bedroom, and a bar, which incorporated old beams and bricks from the site.

Bush Kitchen

A fine example of a kitchen remodel by our experts.

Ross Home

Another fine example of a new construction home, built from the ground up.

Pabst Boiler House

Boiler House - Pabst Redevelopment Complex. Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Country Cottage

We built this 8,000 square-foot summer home from the ground up. Location: Erin, Wisconsin

Truss Boom

These are images of Joe Merkel's patented truss boom.

Other projects:

  • Churches
  • Assisted Living Housing
  • Gas Stations